Student's Life Story

I am a first year student of the Medical Academy at present, in six years I'll graduate from this Academy and ecome a doctor. Let me introduce myself. My nane is Dasha. I was born in 1989, on the 28 of febrory in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii. I tool a great interest in medicine. I'll become a plastic surgeon!

воскресенье, 27 мая 2012 г.

The session begins!.!!!...

Oh no! It is near .... It goes ... Comes on the heels!! Indeed, until recently was in February and is now a matter of days before the exam! I'm in a panic, I'm afraid - but I pass :)

Student's record has begun a week!

All lectures are recorded, all records are filled, all the estimates are corrected! At last we are still on the floor, the closer to the honorary title of doctor!?

I am a witch)

Recently decided to try a new way. What do you think suits me? Needless to disguise themselves as black?

Dancing is my life!

I like to dance, act and do a variety of stage productions! This year I participated  Student Spring 2012. I gathered a few people and together wedanced a great dance to modern music. Everyone loved it! 

понедельник, 5 сентября 2011 г.

I'm the bride!

I'm happy with him!
August 12, 2011. I'm married! We are very happy together! We had a gorgeous weddingand noisy! We let the pigeons were at bay. In the evening we ran heavenly lantern. Wehave presented a great fire show! Before finishing, we danced a beautiful slow waltz.

Bears all around us!

Photo on your phone - it was very scary!
We went by car to the hot springs. On the way out of bear cubs. The motion has stopped.People making the rounds, retarded or just unfolded. I took a few shots. Later, the bearsran into the woods. We went to bathe in the springs.

travel to volcano Koryakski

my passion - it is the mountains!
One of the most difficult vulkanon it is! We were going for a long time, looking for routes, trained with climbers. Flattery had a long and very much appreciated. Its height is 3540 meters. Gore is considered very dangerous. Many people were killed when the volcano rose up to this. We had a hard time - twice broke the protective ropes, lost carbine, very cold. We got! I'm proud of myself and really want to repeat!